April Update

Beloved Grade One Families, HAPPY EASTER! I hope everyone has had a restful and meaningful Spring Break as we face another month full of fun and engaging activities in and out of the classroom.  Yes, you heard it right! April will be a busy month for us as we will be preparing for the Learning Fair happening on the third week of this month. This year's theme is Social Studies and so the Grade One's will be making an interactive unit project on community helpers and their neighborhoods. Students will be introduced, review and build knowledge on neighborhood buildings and community helpers. I'm looking forward to their creativity and brilliant ideas on this project.  In Science, the class will be looking at a new unit called The Senses. Students will be learning to use appropriate vocabulary related to their investigations of the senses. There will be lots of opportunities for students to ask questions that lead to explorations of living things, objects, and events in the imm

March Update

Hello Grade One Families, We've gotten some whispers of it already - spring is on the way. You heard it right!  March is the start of spring which also means the clocks spring forward, flowers bloom, and people get excited for the warmer months ahead. This goes the same with the Grade One class, we can't wait for a whole bunch of upcoming activities in our classroom. But first, here's a look back of what we did last February as one of our I Love to Read Month activities. I promised to give you a snapshot of our display board, so here you go. Below is a picture of our 'craftivity" that is based on the book called, "The Giving Tree." This month, our focus in Religion is on the Lent Season. We have been making a Lent Lapbook and the Footsteps to Christ activity. We are also working on completing an act of kindness chart which could be big or small. We talked about small acts could consist of helping taking out the trash, doing dishes, or just helping someone

February Update

Hello Grade One Families,           Just like that, another month has passed and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. This is a great time to discuss friendship with our kids, and build some social-emotional skills. In relation to this, the class read a book called, "The Giving Tree" , by Shel Silverstein., and we learned about sharing, loving and kindness. I can't wait to share their "craftivity" which we will put on our bulletin board, SOON!           Another great news that I want to share is that, on January 31st, we had our first field trip to the Manitoba Theater for Young People and we watched the "Poli Pop" show. It was such an incredible experience to be able to see how a theater play looks like considering that we have been doing a Reader's Theater in class. After watching the show, we all shared ideas on how we can do better in our next in-class Reader's Theater.           In Art, this month we created a Collaged Winter Sel

January Update

Happy New Year Grade One Families! Here's to an exceptional 2024 together! Cheers! I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful Christmas Break considering how busy and vibrant we have been last month. This has been an amazing start to the year and I'm looking forward to a great one with the class. First, I would like to share with you how successful and meaningful the Culminating Activity of our Christmas Kindness Challenge was. On the last day of school just before the Christmas Break, we all sat in a circle to lay baby Jesus in the crib that the students have placed straws (strips of paper) in. We began by saying our Christmas Prayer then we sang the song, "Away in a Manger." It was a very special and joyful moment for us because we have felt the presence of Jesus in our hearts. It was truly an incredible experience that I am so proud to be doing with my Grade One students. This was taken during our Culminating Activity Moving on, this month, we will continue to look

December Update

Dear Grade One Families, The holidays are just around the corners, which means that there will be a lot of things happening in and out of the classroom. In ELA, we will focus on the long vowels and consonant-vowel-consonant pattern for phonics. This month, we will be doing a Christmas Reader's Theater where students get to practice and read aloud their lines for the plays, giving them an opportunity to build reading fluency and improve their communication skills. Not only do the students have the opportunity to practice specific phonics skills, they also get to make character headbands, necklaces or puppets. I am so thrilled for this activity! In Religion, we will be looking at learning about Advent as the season in which we get ready to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth at Christmas. To make it more meaningful for the first graders, we are making a Christmas Lapbook. These lapbooks are mini books of foldables about the same topic that are organized and kept together in a file fol

November Update

  Hello Grade One Families, We have gotten off to a great start this year, and I can't believe we're close to the end of 2023. This month, we will continue to focus on learning long vowel sounds and the consonant-vowel-consonant words. There will be leveled books introduced to the students as they do their Literacy Centers during Guided Reading. It is also encouraged that you continue to read books with your child nightly and use the guide questions given to you to check for understanding of the story read. In Math, we will continue to work on patterns and relations and will begin to do some adding and subtracting to 12. Students will explore from a variety of hands-on activities, math centres, word walls, sorting cards and task cards. In Social Studies, we have been talking about responsibilities and rights in the school and community. We will share ideas and learn that rights are something that someone should be able to have no matter what (food, shelter, safety, love, etc.)
  Happy Fall! What a great start to the 2023-24 school year! It has been a pleasure to meet my Grade One families joining in our Meet the Teacher Night in early September. I can't wait to take this journey with you of educating and making learning fun for the First Graders. In the fall, my main focus is on teaching alphabet sounds and sight words, but throwing in some fun activities that are themed to make kiddos more engaged in learning new content. Stay up to date! Yours in |Christ, Mrs. Talaroc