June Update

 Hello again, for one final update. It is almost June, which means we are nearly at the finish line! The students have all worked so hard and I know they have earned a great summer break. But, before we go, here is what we have left on the plan. In Math, we have been working on patterns through a variety of engaging games designed to increase recognition, working memory, teamwork, and even non-verbal communication. We will be having a review of our addition and subtraction facts in the month of June as well. In ELA, our Grade 1s are nearly through their entire Phonics book! Their hard work has paid off with a lot of progress in our daily work. Their independence and creativity is also improving in our journal time. There will be a final round of reading assessments this month to determine final reading levels before report card season. Further assessments after that point will be available upon request when possible. In Science, we are exploring the Characteristics of Objects and Mater

May Update

 Hello again, May is almost upon us, so it is time for another update! In Math, we are continuing with worksheets and booklets that build upon our pattern recognition and adding/subtracting skillsets. Students will need to be aware of missing assignments and will be given time in class to catch-up on outstanding work this month before we begin our next unit. In ELA, our Grade 1s are progressing in their daily work at a good pace. Students are reminded to practice for their spelling tests to make sure they are ready for them. There will be another round of reading assessments this month in preparation for the final assessments closer to report card season. Please keep an eye on their home reading books to note any change in reading levels following these assessments. In Science, we are exploring the Characteristics of Objects and Materials through an exploration of how common items are made and experiential learning of how to build towers as a team. Students are learning different strat

April Update

 Hello again, Firstly, my apologies that I missed last month's blog post! In Math, we are now working on a variety of worksheets to continue building up our adding and subtracting skills. When a worksheet does not go well for a student there may be homework sent with them to practice those skills further, please ensure students complete any homework at the earliest opportunity. In ELA, our schedule has moved us into a regular daily work cycle. Every day students will be working on an agenda message, a printing page, and 2 pages of phonics. This is in addition to other assignments like our journals and activities. It is so lovely to see all our students learning to be responsible for their own work and growing in their independence. Great work so far Grade 1! In Science, we are exploring the needs of living things. This has helped students to build on their knowledge of Living and Non-Living with greater detail. Students recently shared in a Show & Tell about a living thing near

February Update

 Hello again! The first month of 2023 is complete and we are entering February so it's time for the monthly update once again. In Math, we have completed our first round of adding (up to 10s) and are switching gears now to begin working on the same number set in subtracting. Our first math test has now been completed and they will now be happening on Fridays as well. Students are continuing to learn new strategies as we move into subtraction and are encouraged to keep practicing adding numbers at home as well. In ELA, our reading assessments are nearly completed and new reading levels should be available at some point in the near future. Please take note of any change to their home reading book's letter-based level. Regular practice is important to continue the good progress we have been seeing. Phonics and spelling will continue as they have previously. In Science, we are continuing our exploration of living and non-living things. We have been having fun with different games t

January Update

Hello again, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break. We are back to work here in Grade 1, so it's time for your monthly update. In Math, we are well into our unit on addition now and are practicing our adding with new strategies as often as possible. We have also added a new extra practice program for when a student is struggling with the math lesson of the day, if you receive a homework sheet please complete it with your child when you have time and send back a signed copy in their agenda.  In ELA, we have begun using our learning centers and begun a new round of home reading. To track your child's progress in reading please take note of any change to their home reading book's letter-based level. Regular practice is important to continue the good progress we have been seeing in the most recent assessments. Another reading assessment will begin later this month. Phonics and spelling will continue as they have previously. In Science, we are about to dive in to

December Update

Hello again, December is under way in Grade 1 now! In Math, we have begun working on basic addition and are quickly moving through our math facts for it. We have completed the first of the month's two booklets and have started playing a new math game to practice our addition facts. In ELA, we are continuing to work on our phonics booklets and really getting into our routine with spelling tests. Home reading programs are well under way and we are starting to see really great signs of growth in reading. In Science, we are continuing to work on our unit on the 5 Senses! In Social Studies, we have had to push back the celebration for a later date some time in the future but we have moved on into an exploration of global cultures through food. We are excited to make our menus soon and have been working hard on researching together. In French, we have started to work on the basics of introductory statements to complement our ability to say hello! In Religion, we have been working hard ov

November Update

 Hello again, November is under way in Grade 1 now! In Math, most of us have finished our 1-20 booklets and are preparing to start our next projects. We will be taking a little time to focus on a couple of smaller booklets on "counting to 100" and "greater than/less than" before we jump into any more big booklets. But, we are looking forward to a pattern booklet in the future! In ELA, we have begun working on both our phonics booklets and our journals regularly. We have resumed our weekly spelling tests as well. Spelling words and home reading books are sent home on Mondays every week! If for any reason you have not received either please let me know as soon as you can. In Science, we are moving into a new area of study with our 5 senses booklet starting later this week. In Social Studies, our exploration of communities is wrapping up soon with a celebration of the newly elected Mayor of Grade 1. More information will be sent home when we are ready for our celebrati